War of the Roses vs. Mount and Blade Warband

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War of the Roses vs. Mount and Blade Warband

I myself enjoy medieval games but they don’t seem as extremely popular as shooters or big company titles. Still it seems developers enjoy making them. The first one coming out being Mount and Blade, a singleplayer adventure game that allows you to live out a feudal life and be captured by bandits every 20 minutes.

Many might call it a simulation game. I think of it as an adventure game that never ends. So after this highly popular cult game came out, the next step was obviously multiplayer. The graphics were never improved and it still looks like you can get a paper cut if you rub your protagonist’s nose. Now that the game had multiplayer, you could kill your friends as well as being captured by bandits. Flocking even more gamers to the Mount and Blade series, which later released “With Fire and Sword”. A stand-alone expansion pack for Mount and Blade. It allowed you to fire muskets and fight against Polish soldiers with sweet mustaches while wearing a fancy pimp hat. It was far worse than other expansions such as Warband or Napoleonic Wars because of it’s awful storyline, bad A.I. and badly programmed weapon mechanics.

Now that everyone was happy with killing friends, being captured and firing muskets while wearing pimp hats, what do the developers do? They push in another game into the mix. Say hello to War of the Roses, a Mount and Blade copy with much better graphics. They seemingly removed the “adventure” part and instead went full on multiplayer, allowing you to customize your soldiers and execute other players while laughing maniacally in real life with an evil grin.


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Both games seemingly use a style of fighting with Up, Down, Left, Right attacks and blocks. Meaning you have to block a right attack with a right block. Now many have asked the question: Which one is better? I’ll do my own comparison between them

Mount and Blade: Warband

For parity, I’ll be avoiding the adventure part and focusing on multiplayer only in this game.

Mount and Blade: Warband is a very entertaining game to play. Its bad graphics being easily ignored because of its great gameplay. Using Up, Down, Left, Right controls make it very fun to play with and easy to control.  The 200-player server siege battles encourage newcomers to try out their own fighting style… then suddenly die from an arrow to the head because you thought helmets were useless. This continues multiple times until you realize “I need a shield”. It suffers from the problem of experienced players beating down any newcomer with ease.

When fighting against experienced players, it seems they are robotic in the ways they move and attack, and watching two experienced players fight forever is one of the most nail-biting things you can do.

mb_warband 2013-07-05 12-16-00-08

Fighting over a flag in a small castle

The game itself is fun to play with, but gets boring after a while. Luckily for Mount and Blade it has a rich modding community. There are multiple mods for it — one being so popular it was released as an official mod.  There is a WW2 Chinese warfare mod, a Napoleonic mod, even an RPG mod for people who haven’t realized the singleplayer is an RPG itself.

I found Warband very fun and one of the best buys I’ve ever made.

War of the Roses

War of the Roses is a copy of Warband multiplayer with – dare I say it – Call of Duty elements.

It has player customization with many different weapons: spears, axes, clubs, hammers, etc. It has much better graphics than Warband, but this is a downfall to the game itself. With better graphics, the game forces it to only have 16- or 30-player matches, removing all the fun of being in a simulated “war”.

wotr 2013-07-05 12-06-49-50

Imagine this with 200 soldiers

Let’s imagine they are small scouting squads fighting each other.

So then how is the gameplay? Well, when it uses the same Up, Down, Left, Right control scheme it can’t be much different.
Except it can!
The game has 3 different types of armour with many different types of weapons.  It uses a specific damage and weapon system. If a spear is thrust into the armpit of a knight, it will deal much more damage than into the chest because of it being exposed and having less armour than the chest. This allows players to aim specifically at points of an enemy player: his face, neck, legs, etc. with added perks to decrease bandaging time or increase sprint. There are many different tactics you can have which would also allow for some combos. For example: in a match I played, an experienced player had a perk that would have knocked me down if he hit my foot… so he hit my foot… then charged up his hammer attack and slammed me on the head.

This may sound awesome, but it has only happened once in many months and was probably accidental. The hit detection is sub-par, the gameplay laggy and unoptimized. All of this made the game far worse than Warband for me.

Which game is better?

As much as it saddens me, I still have to pick Mount and Blade: Warband. It was made by more experienced developers with better set goals. War of the Roses is unoptimized and broken. The developers wanted many things in the game but they things they added were sloppy done. For example: Cavalry was a very unorthodox part of the game making it impossible to hit anyone, many times the horse glitched out and became one of the four horses of the apocalypse.

Even though War of the Roses has many faults, I still play both games often and I recommend the War of the Roses free trial, and I recommend buying Warband.

Mount and Blade Warband is the victor! Play the trumpets!

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