Ubisoft Announces Free-to-Play EndWar Online; Our Thoughts

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Today Ubisoft announced an unexpected new addition to the EndWar franchise (because it’s apparently a franchise now); a free-to-play MMO that will likely make use of EndWar’s tactical, command-based nature. It has been unannounced whether voice commands will make a return, but judging by the radio silence on that topic, and keeping in mind that the feature never really worked that well, we expect it to be dropped.

Graphics have taken quite a big hit though, as it’s not a retail release, but a browser-based game, but still looks quite pretty anyway. Maps are a little more lovingly crafted, if a bit smaller, than EndWar’s drab and generic military playgrounds. It’s still being worked on and the graphical fidelity will probably be improved upon, but for now, we enjoy the charm of little to no anti-aliasing.

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EWO online screen 1

Ubisoft elaborated on some features in a press release, stating that the game is in closed beta, but players can sign up at endwaronline.com

The press release has this to say about the setting of the game:

“As the latest game in the Tom Clancy’s EndWar world, Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online puts players in the shoes of the last leader in the aftermath of WW3.  Resources and money have run dry, factions are on the brink of collapse and rogue warlords have taken over. As one of the last leaders, players are tasked with rebuilding their homeland, reuniting their faction and spearheading the final battle for Earth’s remaining resources.”

Which actually sounds kind of cool. Being an MMO, it has the potential to be quite a nifty time-killer when you nope-out of Reddit or just when you want some quick RTS fun. I’m actually kind of excited.

And for those who don’t feel like having human interaction when they play, there is a single player option, but we’re uncertain how far that extends.
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