Pokemon X and Y Update 12/09/2013

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Oakay, so there’s a lot of new info about Pokemon X and Y with the latest CoroCoro leaks, and it’s all amazing. Namely, we get a look at some as-yet unnamed (in English) Pokemon which look amazing. Two fossils, one is a ground-type dinosaur. We also see MewTwo’s Y mega-form, the starters’ first evolutionary stages, and Garchomp’s mega-form. And they all look amazing. It’s incredible. We’re really digging the Gen. 6 art style so far.

Interestingly, Litleo’s first-stage evolution has been leaked, by IGN, apparently, and its name is Pyroar. Its mane is the Kanji symbol for fire, which is pretty awesome. We’ll be getting a fire-breathing lion this gen, and that isn’t even its final form.


Next up, we’ll show you three all-new Pokemon. None of them even have English names yet. Ooooo. Don’t worry though, we’ll update this post with the names once they’re announced, so keep checking back!

New Pokemon CoroCoro

Next up are the evolutions to our starters, and… They’re interesting.  Chespin looks a little bloated, though we suspect that’s due to his chestnut armour, since he has been rumoured to evolve into a knight. So there’s still hope for our friend. Fennekin’s evo has gone bipedal, which was a little unexpected, and her body looks oddly proportioned. We have to admit though, we do like it more and more when we see it compared to older starters largely because of its uniqueness. It also seems to have a staff sticking out of its tail, adding credence to the rumour that Fennekin’s final evolution will be a witch. Fennekin has psychic moves. It makes sense. And finally, Froakie. His expression is a little too far on the sly scale, and we miss the unassuming, all-seeing curious gaze of his basic stage, but my oh my does he look cool.

corocorostarters Ready for the new MewTwo mega-form? If you were disappointed by his last one, you may enjoy this one… corocoro9133 Aaaand shiny Mega Garchomp. corocoro9134


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