Kick-Ass 2: A Punching Beta Review

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Kick-Ass was a fun movie, even despite meme-friendly Nicholas Cage’s deadpan expressions and strange, uncomfortable southern drawl.

It took the idea of Superheroes and put it (somewhat uncomfortably) into reality. Silly costumes,  everyday tech, a comic-book style text cut-in every now and then and the use of ordinary people (the term ‘ordinary’ is used loosely) made it more accessible than the usual “mutating animal bite,” “radioactive waste” or “uncomfortable parent death scenario” storylines.

The big swing in Kick-Ass, was the kid. Hit Girl. She kills people. It’s a little uncomfortable, but it made for a good movie. Kick-Ass 2 sees her a little older, still obsessed with kicking ass and more serious offenses such as murder and removal of limbs. You sort of expect it from her, as she was introduced to us as an unhinged, brought-up-by-a-madman-so-it’s-not-her-fault kinda gal.


Then things get uncomfortable. She tries to become a normal teenage girl, while “superheroes” start to become more common and “superheroing” sort of becomes a pass-time for the general population. The amateurism of them all is charming at first but it quickly progresses into something dark and confusing.

Some of the other things you may notice is that Jim Carrey is barely recognisable. Hit Girl always says “daddy” instead of “dad” which just ads an extra little dash of uncomfortable. The movie is just all-around, dark. Lights out dark. Like you’ve been hit in the face with one of Kick-Ass’ batons and are out-cold dark. And after watching it, you’ll notice that the trailer doesn’t give you the same feelings that the movie did.

I’m almost struggling for words at this point, because now I need to try and describe how I feel about the movie. It’s off the mark. It takes you from “Haha, awesome.” to “The ****…?” to “Awkwaaaaaard…” and then right back to “That’s not cool…” about 5 times per minute. It’s like being on a schizophrenic see-saw of emotions. The movie stuck to it’s guns (or apparent lack thereof), which I respect, but they’ve just pushed it too far. Kick-Ass 2 is an uncomfortable movie.

Sometimes uncomfortable works, and Kick-Ass 2 has enough humour, excitement and character to make it watchable, but the sheer number of uncomfortable moments and frequency with which they appear just leaves you feeling drained and unsure of yourself.

In the end, I guess I’d have to say that if you LOVED Kick-Ass, don’t get your hopes too high for the sequel. If you just thought the original was “cool,” give the sequel a go, maybe you’ll get something else out of it. The movie is not without its merits and it’s very well done, but it’s just left me feeling so…




Uncomfortable count: 10


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