How To Be The Best Mayor For Your Beloved Sims

Published On September 9, 2013 » 671 Views» By Ariana Munsamy »

Though SimCity may come across as a fun, strategic game of managing your city to fame, we all have to come to terms with the truth of the matter: SimCity is a game of kings. When it comes to the building and running of something as massive as a city, especially a SimCity, the upmost care and consideration needs to be applied. No more listening to thrash metal while your sims slave in burning factories, no more leaving kids to the streets and parks malfested by the cretins of society (homeless, FYI). No, today we dust off our crowns and mink-sweaters. Today we rise as Mayors.

Firstly, the most important part of being mayor is having the right attitude about the setup of your city. Forget a boring old wind farm, water reserve or town hall. What your city needs is ROADS. In order to ascend the ladder of tourism and export, your city needs roads. Studies show that the most elaborate of road designs (intersections at every turn, multiple hoops and a right-angled triangle here and there) prove to be the most rewarding in terms of how visitors feel about your city overall. Remember, you only have 50 000 Simoleons to do the job. Experts have specified that at least 35 of that 50 needs to be used on constructing the best, most fantastical road designs your region has ever seen. Luckily, Sim City comes with many helpful tools to ensure that you are doing the job right. When in the Roads option, a red indicator over any road will show the level of heat the road is emanating; ie: the more heat the better. More cars on the road also means a better city, the more the merrier, right? Sims will be dying to get a taste of your roads, in fact, they won’t even want to get off them!

This person is on their way to a bustling city!

The next step in your quest to be the best mayor around is to make sure that you have enough residential area situated in the exact center of an industrial area. By placing your dear Sims in this formation, not only will you be improving land space to make more roads (refer to the above section), but you will also be helping Sims to get to work on time. Structuring your city in this way will only ever benefit the work flow of your city: more money; less disease and fires! A quote from a health official on the Board of South African Health Officials states:

“We have been in contact with Bill Gates of Maxis for some time now, and he has helped us, directly, to make South African cities a better place for all. Roads especially. Our Joburg traffic is a perfect example of the success Sim City will bring many players. Red runs like blood! “

The final piece of advice that will skyrocket you all the way to the Wazikurnuple Mayor Awards, is of the utmost importance. Saving you time, saving you money, and putting your Sims first: parks and other places of recreation are a DISTRACTION. A happy, productive city is without the fluff of tree-lined pathways and community gardens. A functioning, energetic city is without water parks and playground for children. The best mayors abhor any sort of fruffy involvement, and for good reason. One, Sims have a tendency to become distracted by the glitz and glam of a barbeque pit, and will therefore be reported to be smiling in a hypnotized fashion, thus endangering the lives of countless accountants all over the region. Two, homeless are often spotted in rancid places like these, a pest to the establishment! The safety of kids coming first. Thirdly, space that could be used for roads is taken up by the extravagance of expo centres and basic parks. Clean up your act!

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