Assassin’s Creed IV: Modern Day Missions – New faces, Old Faces and Locations

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Assassin’s Creed has always been one of those games that shows off their bombastic entrances in full before release. They always show off their new historic character who you will control, which is used to let you roam around the cities and societies that feature in the game. But, especially with the first game, they never really talk about the secretive modern setting. The past games have all featured the character of Desmond Miles and his genetic ancestry. But there has been some confusion about possibilities with the newest game in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Until now.

In a Q&A with the lead writer of the story, they shed some light on the setting. Here is some of the choice questions that were asked and their illuminating answers!

Will the present day story be a major part of the game?”

There are a “handful” of missions you are required to play, and they have a clear story arc…

The main missions seem to be once again set in the past but as in other games, the modern day will present you with a few it seems.

Will Clay (subject 16) make his return in AC4 and if yes in what way?”

No, but Subject 17 may… in a roundabout way.

Subject 17 is Desmond, which is odd if you have played the previous game in the franchise!

What country or location will the present day be set in & which characters will be in the present day?”

Lovely Montreal, Quebec, actually… featuring a host of new characters, and a few old ones.

Here’s a view from the CCO`s office… :)



How does the character in present day get introduced to Abstergo?”

You are the main character, and you are introduced to Abstergo by being hired to work there.

Quite like the multiplayer it seems in the way they are handling the real life player. Being hired by Abstergo to go into the Animus?

Will there be open combat in present day? Can you free run in 1st person?”

No combat in the present day, no. It’s all about exploring, eavesdropping, and hacking. Modern day pirate stuff.

Will we see people from previous Ac games in Ac4 like desmond father?”

Maybe… do you see any familiar faces in this picture


Will the new character have a relation to Desmond?”

No, Abstergo’s tech has improved. They have genetic memory cloud servers that allow anyone to dive into another’s memories.

Abstergo no longer need the direct descendant of a historical figure to access their memories, this will certainly make the game more interesting!

There are more questions to be had on the page here. These seem to show that Ubisoft are going in a completely new direction with the modern day missions, letting you be the judge of the company Abstergo, which have previously just been the big baddies alongside the other, more supernatural beings.

Are you excited for the other half of the game now? Or will it be a distraction from the more preferable pirate missions?



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Assassin's Creed IV is surely shaping up to be the best entry since Brotherhood, and possibly the best in the series. I guess we'll find out come October.